The Pollinators is a project that uses gamification principles to create an engaging, but educational experience about local pollinator species, rewarding the user for exploring green spaces to find and learn about them. 

The Pollinators full app walkthrough

Onboarding screens

The Field Guide allows the user to search for pollinators on the go. Scanning pollinators rewards the user with coins, encouraging them to go out and look for them!

Users can also see what others are spotting in their area and participate in daily challenges to earn coins and badges. Coins can be used to decorate the Pocket Garden.

Promotional Materials

Promotional posters would be used to advertise the app and encourage using it when out and about, but also highlight local pollinator species

Posters would be placed in or around green spaces to highlight and raise awareness of the many species that live there

A variety of flower seed packets would be sold on the Pollinators website to encourage people to set up their own pollinator-friendly space at home.

Promotional stickers

Tote bag

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